7 June 2018 · Our Customers

Our Customers - DJ Lindsay Interstate Movers

Our Customers - DJ Lindsay Interstate Movers

Ever wondered how the ‘other half’ live? Well DJ Lindsay Interstate Movers deliver to them every day and, according to owner Doug Lindsay, it’s fascinating. We asked him…. Why Hino? 

"Having spent 25 years delivering beautiful furniture to amazing homes, I could tell you some cracking stories but I won’t!

Let’s just say that the clients who appreciate the worlds finest furniture are generally interesting, intelligent, charismatic and particular! We have built a business around a very small part of the industry and that suits us just fine. Presentation and professionalism is key as well as consistency and reliability.

My very first truck way back as a 21 year old lad was a Hino from Sci-Fleet Hino and there’s been several over the years. Not only have I enjoyed great service from their team, but the trucks have done their job with style. Admittedly we spend a considerable amount “blinging” the trucks, but the base unit is no ugly duckling. 

You’ll see our shiny blue Hino out front of the finest homes in Qld and she fits right in!"