23 April 2024 · Our Staff

John Riley celebrating 25 Years with Hino

We chatted with John Riley, Master Technician who celebrates his 25th Anniversary with Sci-Fleet Hino in June this year.

Progressing up the career ladder.

John began his journey at Sci Fleet Hino Kedron in June 1999 as the only night-shift technician. After contributing to the establishment and growth of a reliable night-shift team, he transitioned to the dayshift, engaging in a wider range of technical and diagnostic tasks. It was this progression that eventually led him to the role of Workshop Foreman.

From Service Technician to mentor.

Following the expansion of the Sci Fleet Hino Kedron site to the new Eagle Farm location, John continued in his role as Workshop Foreman and Controller for several years but with a shift to mentoring and enhancing the skills of Hino apprentices, junior technicians, and light vehicle technicians.

“Over the years the industry has evolved to prioritize emissions reductions, fuel efficiency, driver comfort and road safety, necessitating ongoing training in new technologies. With a shortage of technicians in the automotive industry, it is crucial to provide proper education and support to apprentices to nurture their growth”, John admits.

Passions beyond Hino.

Outside of work, you will always find John indulging in his passion for restoring and racing classic Holdens or enjoying the thrill of drag racing at a Super Street Level. Thankfully John does slow down on occasion to find some down time in the peace and quiet of fishing and spending quality time with his family.

Being prepared and focused is key.

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Last year John competed in the Hino National Skills Contest representing Sci Fleet Hino and looking to inspire apprentices and junior technicians to also compete. 2023 marked John’s second appearance in the final round of the National Skills Contest at Hino Australia where he took out second place!

Maintaining focus during the contest is crucial as you are under constant evaluation by the judges, so to stay focused I block out everything around me and concentrate on the task at hand. It’s too easy to lose that concentration and miss a crucial step in the set tasks.

For those considering entering the annual Hino National Skills Contest, my advice is to brush up on both the fundamentals and diagnostic procedures, ensuring adherence to Hino processes throughout the tasks - that along with perseverance and you can’t go wrong!”