Testimonials at Sci-Fleet Hino

Active Safe Removals Case Study

When an average safe weighs 2500kg and your trucks service the East Coast of Australia, power became an important consideration for our customers when replacing their 2012 Hino 500 Series GH1727 XL Air.

This is why Brendan and Amanda Samuels, owners of Active Safe Removals opted for the new Hino 500 Series GH1835 XXL Air, comprising of an all-new A09C-UR 9L motor developing 1422nm at 1100 RPM and driven through Hino’s newly developed M009 9 Speed Synchromesh manual gearbox.

Because the truck only spends 60% of its time fully loaded, the fitment of a pusher axle allows the truck to run on two axles instead of three, saving on fuel and tyres.

Once again Sci-Fleet Hino would like to thank Brendan and Amanda for their continued support of the Hino product and hope they get another five years of happy motoring in their new truck

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JOPA Queensland Case Study


It’s out with the old and in with the new for Paul and Jody Curtis of JOPA Queensland, with their original steel JNP13 being replaced with the new alloy JNP13. 

After 392,000km it was time to replace the original 2012 500 Series FM2628 Medium Spring, with the very latest 2017 500 Series FM2628 Medium Spring to come off Hino’s production line.

Innovations in body building techniques, plus the decision to move away from steel to alloy bins, has resulted in JOPA Queensland achieving an extra 500kg of usable payload over their existing truck. 

Introducing a centre gate system has also allowed JOPA Queensland to carry two different building materials to a site per load, reducing transport costs and improving delivery times for their customers.

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